We love to innovate, after many years of study and practice in the use of aromatherapy, we wanted to go one step further and do something that would enhance the power that essential oils already have.

After verifying the enormous benefits that semiprecious gems have at an energetic level, we decided to merge both techniques, giving rise to what is today our registered method Aromagemotherapy Almasía.

We received institutional support from the Extremadura government to develop our work method, receiving the technological innovation award ¨Agrotech start up Telefónica Open future¨ as an innovative start-up in the area of ​​health and beauty, giving rise to our first product Alma de mujer.

Almasía means conjoined soul, it is the union of masculine and feminine, of the end and the Yang in oneself, to experience universal love. This is why all our oils contain their Siamese soul that fuses and enhances with its vibrational force the power of the active principles of essential and vegetable oils.

We invite you to discover this unique experience, High 100% Natural cosmetics made with love and science to unite body, mind and Soul.


All our essential oils are selected with care, with a wide variety of organic farming producers, one of our premises is to always use the best raw material. This is why we work with local producers and with certificates of origin of origin. We love to personally select each aroma, carefully studying the purpose with which we create each product.

Each of our gems are selected in sustainable extraction processes. In each elaboration we meticulously study the properties of the quartz to give that complementary part to the effect of the oil that contains it.

Remember to shake each one of our oils before using them. You will be able to hear the jingle of love ringing inside the product, thus activating the energetic power of the gem and having a unique experience in each application.

Discover the fusion of two kingdoms, the mineral kingdom and the vegetable kingdom, yin and Yang High 100% natural cosmetics made with love and science to unite body, mind and soul.