Learn to master the use of Essential Oils

In a professional and therapeutic way, become a professional of Holistic Aromatherapy

Do you know why I started with Aromatherapy?

What I am going to tell you is something that you surely do not know, but that changed my life completely .

It has been more than 22 years since life put aromatherapy and holistic medicine in my path. Since then, I have been helping people to improve their quality of life , increase their self-esteem, and connect with their purest essence to live a full life .

As usually happens with the great events that transform your life, it is not something that I was looking for, but the solution found me, also in one of the most emotionally difficult moments of my life.

The importance of emotions

At 20 years after a sentimental deception, I realized the importance of emotions and beliefs in the body, especially when somatizing that sad experience in an ovarian cyst , for which I had to undergo surgery.

Shortly after, I was diagnosed with a new cyst on the other ovary. I felt really devastated and did not understand why it was happening to me.

That led me to look for alternative solutions to the contraceptive treatments that they gave me, since they did not suit me at all and I did not see an improvement.

My body began to have changes and my emotions too.

Something inside me told me to look for alternatives but I didn't quite know how to do it.

my big transformation

Everything changed when a friend recommended me to visit a therapist who worked with natural products.

That day was the beginning of my big change.

Once there, he performed a kinesiology test on me , I had never heard of this technique, but it surprised me, how through a simple test I could find out that I had an imbalance in one of my ovaries .

From there he referred me to what later became one of my great teachers, Begoña uña, a great professional and at that time the official distributor of alchemy in the Basque Country.

I began to discover one of the great passions in my life , alternative therapies . She gave me a new test, she told me my diagnosis, she ordered me to undergo a series of therapies with her and an aromatherapy treatment. I remember that he told me that in 5 weeks it would be perfect, that the cyst should have disappeared.

I followed the treatment to the letter, especially because for the first time I connected with something that made me feel good, beautiful and could also heal me .

Coming to my last week of treatment, I went to my gynecologist for a check-up, accompanied by my mother.

I perfectly remember the doctor's surprise and my astonished face when I saw the ultrasound.
<< Impressive Mary you are like a rose, the cyst has been reabsorbed >>

Those were the doctor's words, inside I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, after so many months that had disappeared thanks to this treatment and this new way of taking care of myself and connecting with myself, with my personal power .

In those moments my heart exploded with joy and at the same time I couldn't believe it. That had marked me for life.

Right after leaving the office and with tears in my eyes I realized that I would dedicate my life to bring this knowledge to as many people as possible.

Since then I have not stopped studying, researching and training in the world of holistic therapies, spirituality, coaching, with the best professionals in each sector.

In 2015 I received the Telefonica open future innovation award for the “Aromagemotherapy” method.

Together with my partner Jorge, I have created the brand of essential oils with gems “Almasía Belleza con alma”.

I am an expert in Aromatherapy and holistic healing techniques, I have been helping women, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors for 22 years, to connect with their soul as a woman to discover the feminine power that is in them, learning to regulate their hormonal cycle naturally . increasing your self-esteem, sensuality and personal power, to live a full life and connected to the purest love , through my soul of a woman method, the awakening of the inner goddess.

  • You will know the basic fundamentals of Aromatherapy and holistic medicine for its correct practice.

  • You will master the use and application of essential oils in each specific case, with total security and confidence

  • You will learn to use essential oils for natural aesthetic treatments .

  • Diagnostic method to correctly apply essential oils, applied kinesiology and dowsing.

  • You will learn massage techniques and rituals with essential oils and gems for greater effectiveness in therapies.

  • You will master the use of gem therapy and how to mix semiprecious gems with essential oils to enhance their effect .

  • You will know the art of distilling essential oils and hydrosols, learning how to distill.

  • You will know how to make your own synergies and mixtures of essential oils, safely and effectively.

  • Energetic and emotional aromatherapy, one of the most important parts of essential oils and with the greatest boom.

  • How to get your first clients , create your own web space and have a presence on social networks.



Complete kinesiology test

Kinesiology test valued at more than €120 totally free . It will be a before and after, it is one of the most important parts of the master's degree, having an effective and safe method when applying essential oils.

You will discover how you are on a physical, mental-emotional, metabolic and energetic level and which treatment is the best for you, so that your transformation begins from day one...

Aromatherapy for female hormone health

Learn how you can use the most beneficial essential oils to balance cycles in women naturally.


So you can start practicing from the first day everything you learn.



    Conocerás los fundamentos básicos de la Aromaterapia y la medicina holística para su correcta práctica y Dominarás el uso y la aplicación de los aceites esenciales en cada caso concreto, con total seguridad y confianza

    valorado en 997€


    Dominarás el uso de la gemoterapia y como mezclar las gemas semipreciosas con aceites esenciales para potenciar su efecto. Valorado en 666€


    Método de diagnóstico para aplicar correctamente los aceites esenciales, kinesiología aplicada y radiestesia.

    Valorado en 1333€


    Aprenderás técnicas de masaje y rituales con aceites esenciales y gemas para una mayor efectividad en las terapias.

    Valorado en 997€


    Aromaterapia energética y emocional, aprenderás a desbloquear emociones estancadas, limpiar creencias limitantes, hacer anclajes olfativos y sanar heridas emocionales con aceites esenciales.

    Valorado en 997€


    Como conseguir tus primeros clientes, crear tu propio espacio web y tener presencia en redes sociales. 

    Valorado en 666€

  • 1. Who is this master's degree for?

    It is for people and professionals who are passionate about essential oils and wish to make a professional living from it, being able to create their own consultation, or incorporating it into their work methodology to improve their therapies or health treatments.

  • 2. When does the master's degree start?

    We are in the launch phase, there are limited places to be able to give the best service. It begins the first week of April with the welcome session and the first masterclass on the 15th of the same month. You can join at any time.

  • 3. How long does the master last?

    You have a 6-month-long accompaniment from Mary and Jorge .

    You will have lifetime access to the content and platform.

    You will also be able to access future improvements that are being made in the master's degree.

  • 4. Is it online or is it face-to-face?

    The master is online. The face-to-face content can be followed live and all the material will be recorded, support masterclass, PDF and additional material.

  • 5. How much time will I have to dedicate and when does it start?

    The Master consists of 6 learning modules, 1 module per month .

    There will be 4 monthly sessions, each session will be 2 hours

    Live broadcast and recorded classes in case you can't attend.

    In addition, each month we will have a 1-hour monthly accompaniment Master class to resolve doubts and accompaniment sessions.

    Our recommendation is that you do not stop practicing what you learn, you will see that this is addictive the more you know, the more you will want to learn and the more effective.

    In addition, you will have access to the online content to be able to review the content whenever you want.

  • 6. How much does the master's degree cost?

    Ask us for a strategic session through the button just below and we'll see if it really suits what you're looking for, remember that it's a professional master's degree, you have several options to start your studies... We love being able to give you the attention you deserve.

  • 7. Will I be able to do my own mixes and diagnostics?

    You will learn a proven method with which you will be able to make your own blends of essential oils, you will be able to apply them safely in a professional and therapeutic way.

  • 8. Do I need to have previous studies?

    You do not need to have previous studies or knowledge on the subject.

  • 9. Will you show me where I can get quality oils?

    All students will have the opportunity to work with Almasía products with excellent discounts and the possibility of selling them to earn additional income.

  • 10. Is there any kind of guarantee?

    The best guarantee that we can offer you is our professional experience of more than 22 years and more than €150,000 in training carried out.
    But if you are not happy with what the master offers you and once inside you feel that it is not for you, you have a 15-day money-back guarantee. We like to work with people who are committed to what they do, so if you decide to join, it is to go all out, to achieve your goals.

  • 12. What professional opportunities does the master's degree offer me?

    There are many possibilities offered by the master's degree to be able to live from your passion:

    1. Create your own therapy practice with essential oils and get your first clients thanks to what you are going to learn with the master's degree.

    2. Introduce essential oil treatments to your own therapies if you are already a professional and improve the results of your beauty or health treatments.

    3. You will be able to work for other people and professional alternative therapy centers.

    4. Give talks, conferences or conduct training on essential oils as a true expert in the field.

    5. You will be able to have a booming profession and start earning money with what you are really passionate about... You will also have the possibility of entering our job market and making your study investment profitable .

    6. You will be able to treat and prevent all kinds of physical, emotional and energetic imbalances such as:

    - Colds, flu, seasonal viruses...

    - Parasites, fungi...

    - Muscle aches, muscle injuries...

    - Stomach pain, intestinal parasites...

    - Headaches, headaches, migraines...

    -Hormonal imbalances, lack of libido...

    - Allergies, eczema...

    - Stress, anxiety, apathy...

    - Mood swings, rage, anger...

    - Increase vital energy...

    - self-awareness and spiritual connection.

    This and much more is what holistic aromatherapy offers you...