About us?


Imagine coming home after a tiring day. You open your little bottle of Almasía, inhale the sweet aroma of orange and feel peace. The intense notes of lavender transport you to a field of flowers. You exhale, feel connected to yourself and repeat the ritual. Shake, apply to your heart, smile and feel the vibration.

We are Mary and Jorge , two souls in love with aromatherapy , gem therapy and holistic medicine, and we created Almasía to spread a conscious lifestyle, connected with love for Mother Earth and your highest being to live a full and happy life. .

Why Almasía?

Almasía means conjoined souls; It is the union of the masculine with the feminine, of the Yin and the Yang, of the mineral kingdom and the vegetable kingdom.

Almasía is 100% natural high-end cosmetics made with love and science to unite body, mind and soul.

Our products are exclusive because they are the only ones that fuse the purest and most effective essential oils with the strength and vibration of the gems and minerals that are macerated inside.

Our hallmarks

"We have an innovative spirit for which we have been awarded" START UP LOGO

In 2015 we received the award for technological innovation in the area of ​​health and well-being by Telefónica Open Future, which allowed us to create our Aromagemotherapy work method with technological centers.

Our mission is to share with you the enormous benefits of AromaGemotherapy , and how through respect for Mother Earth and the enormous power she gives us, we can connect with the best of ourselves and create a world that is more beautiful and loving every day.

Whatever your need, we are sure that one of our unique blends can help you... and if not... contact us and we will try to make one for you!