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Rainbow Children mix with Chalcedony 5º CHAKRA

Rainbow Children mix with Chalcedony 5º CHAKRA

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Whoosh! I apply a few drops of pure, organic essential oil to my wrists and neck, letting its sweet, natural aroma overwhelm me. My mind melts gently and relaxed as I sink into a deep, restful sleep. Sweet dreams! BOOM! The Best I wake up completely refreshed and ready to face whatever comes my way.

Primary Benefits
  1. It brings a sense of calm tranquility and general well-being.
  2. Supports to improve and reconcile a regenerative and comfortable sleep. 
  3. harmonizes
  4. brings balance and understanding in communication. 
Suggestions for use
-Apply 3 to 5 drops on the soles of the feet and spine after bathing for the little ones with almond oil or rainbow children's body oil, helps to calm and have a pleasant and comforting sleep.

-In adults apply 7 to 9 drops directly on the wrists, neck and temples and inhale to promote better rest. 

-Apply 9 to 11 drops with rainbow children's body oil to enhance its effect, performing a gentle massage all over the body.

-Apply 9 to 11 drops in diffusers 30 minutes before bed to create relaxed and comforting spaces. 

Main components


orange, lavender, fennel, marjoram, lavandin, petit grain.



Possible skin sensitivity, dilute with base oil in children. Avoid contact with eyes, sensitive areas.

Obtaining method
steam distillation

plant part

flower, leaves, bark.

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Customer Reviews

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Silvia Gallego Garcia

Maravillosa esencia para poner en el difusor y recibir a los niños con un ambiente tan agradable

Te ofrecemos siempre lo mejor

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